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Fractal Styleguide, now with styles

To build the styleguide, Groundwork uses the magnificent Fractal by Mark Perkins from Clearleft (which is also home to the fiendishly ubiquitous @adactio).

It automatically picks up “components” (what I call “modules”) from your directory structure, so it plays perfectly with the whole Modular CSS thang. You create a CSS file, a template file (Handlebars by default), a JS file, SVG, PNG etc., and it’s all picked up in one tickety little bundle.

However, I noticed that the styles weren’t being picked up in the styleguide, so a quick visit to the Fractal Slack chat and @sturobson very kindly pointed me in the direction of the documentation: you have to define a template preview layout to pull in styles. Doh.

And now, it works.